Monday, June 9, 2008

ISight Screen Saver

A while ago I wrote a screen saver for OSX as a learning exercise. I wanted to learn how to access the camera built into my Macbook Pro and get my feet wet with OSX. I was going to integrate face recognition using the OpenCV or MPT libraries but never got around to it. I'm posting it now because some of the guys at work saw it and wanted a copy. I added the source to my SVN repository and made a binary available via the download site. The screen saver is really as minimalistic as it gets. It uses the new QTKit API for accessing the camera and sets the capture view to the frame size of the inherited ScreenSaverVeiw class. The QTKit API came out around the time of Leopard's release and is much simpler and has better performance then the old streamgrabber API which had been around since the OS 9 days. To install the binary just download the zip file, unzip and double click. It will automatically install itself and become available as a screen saver in the system preferences.

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